"What should science stand for?" An analytic mind in an uncertain world

Science is like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from going under.
Scientists, journalists, policymakers have emphasize the need to communicate through the right media. Science would exercise a great power buy embracing newspapers, video shows, and social media. Researchers can take to the streets and demand authority among the post-truth alternative facts. In society, what kind of a voice should science have?

The university as a four-year Fourier Transform

Inspirational wisdom from an anesthesiologist
Yesterday afternoon I arrived from the 2017 Annual AAAS Conference. Interviews, networking, dinners, parties were only the skeleton of the experience. Handing out curved-corner business cards, sipping coffee with world-renowned journalists, and partying with funky scientists filled in the rest. And of course, the Northeastern-style seafood was pretty cool too. And, as my undergraduate years come to a close, the culmination comes like a roll of the dice.