IU professor unifies science and philosophy to study disease

Rembrandt's painting of a woman with breast cancer
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IU professors begin bioengineering research

Undergraduate students performed summer research abroad

Aristotle's crafty advice on skills in the workplace - and everywhere else in life

“For it is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize.” - Aristotle (Metaphysics, Part II)
When someone needs to play the flute, it should be the best flute-player. Aristotle's craft analogy helps us understand our virtues much like how we achieve skills, be them for the workplace or for life. The Greek philosopher probably didn't know much about social media or TED Talks. But there's a thing or two he can teach about these skills.

Mental fatigue takes its toll on the soul

"As an ambitious executive, it’s important that you believe that you will deserve credit for everything you achieve. As a human being, it’s important for you to know that’s nonsense." - David Brooks
Burnout sucks. It's easy to tell yourself you just need to work fewer hours or take more days off, but sometimes there's a consistent loss of value in what you're doing when you feel exhausted. Letting go might shake your understanding of reality.

Alloy, L., & Abramson, L. (1979). Judgment of contingency in depressed and nondepressed students: Sadder but wiser? Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 108 (4), 441-485 DOI: 10.1037/0096-3445.108.4.441