Physics-based biology and blindness to the abstract

Biologists can have an uneasy relationship with math and theory. The field prioritizes pushing forward the conventional status quo at the expense of abstract theorizing and risky experiments. Bill Bialek, theoretical physicist at Princeton University, said, "we cannot expect that the biology community itself will create a genuinely receptive audience for theory."

Who cares about the ill? The moral grounds of mental health

Philosophers like to argue about our values. We can't simply stop at empathizing with different belief and conditions of other people. We must know where those values come from in order to address the thorny ethical dilemmas that plague our lives. Dr. Agnieszka Jaworska at UC Riverside delineates various forms of moral standing in which humans help each other. And, when it comes to mental health, this sort of moral standing understanding might be just what we need.