Google's stronghold on our health

Google's AI has fun with animal faces, but what about the company's access to our bodies themselves?
Just when you thought the tech giant couldn't get any more powerful, Google is taking greater steps into the game of healthcare information.

Chronic discrimination at the IU School of Medicine

"Clearly Rosy had to go or be put in her place. … The thought could not be avoided that the best home for a feminist was in another person’s lab." - James Watson, The Double Helix.
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Protect transparency in the data republic

Neuroscience and philosophy take the stand

Reflections on my career at the Indiana Daily Student

Appreciate the nuance of language. Source
It's easy to frown upon journalists and the media in general. They deliver reports that, on an intellectual level, pale in comparison to the insight of academic journals and book reviews. The mass flow of information, while speedy and responsive, can hardly give us any fine-point answers to the complex needs of our age.

Overhauling scientific research with teaching

“Eratosthenes Teaching in Alexandria” by Bernardo Strozzi 
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