Helping other students with Undergraduate Research Awards and Opportunities

My university recently featured me on their webpage for their new Office of Competitive Awards and Research for my recent REU at Cornell University. It's definitely exciting to get press coverage. And it looks like REU's are definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

"Memorizing a Deck of Cards in a Minute" or "Why You Have an Amazing Untapped Memory"

I like hobbies. Hobbies are fun. Especially when they're challenging.

How do I prepare myself for research internships (or how do I do well in my research lab)?

When I entered college, I was obsessed with science and getting involved in research, but I didn’t know how to join a lab, let alone what exactly it was I wanted to research. I was particularly fascinated by understanding biology through math, so I joined a bioinformatics lab.

When I joined, I was overwhelmed. I had never written a programmed anything before in my life. But I put hours and hours of effort into learning the programming skills and research techniques throughout the semester, and, before the end of my freshman year, I was accepted to a bioinformatics REU at Cornell University. Having said that, it didn’t come easy, but I’d like to share some thoughts on excelling in your research so you can find new opportunities.

Unplug and Recharge - my poster presentation and what I've learned form my internship

I've officially finished my research internship at the Boyce Thompson Institute. After several stressful nights of analyzing my data, putting it into a readable form, and drawing conclusions, I whipped together a poster that shows my results. From my RNA-Seq analysis of the tomato genome, I collected a lot of information about lncRNAs and cisNATs and their involvement in the ripening of the tomato.