Journalists in a post-society and returning to untruth

Jonathan Jones asks if anyone cares about Van Gogh's drawings in a post-truth world.
Post-truth, post-9/11, postmodern, post-industrial, post-everything in our post-society.

Who do we trust anymore? In a whirlwind of upsets, unpredictability, and unsettlement, the world is at edge in post-truth. At least Oxford Dictionary's "post-truth" as the word of the year was no surprise. But the rise of populist rhetoric, distrust of anyone in power, and general heightened insecurity have drawn scrutiny from the philosophers for centuries. And the truth it nowhere to be found.

Liberal arts challenges career-driven education

Nature's patterns revealed by mathematics

The fractals of the Sierpinski triangle make a lovely pattern.
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Post-election U.S.-Russia relations could be chaotic, say professors

"At the Station" (1950) by Ilya Abelevich Lukomsky (1906-1954), The Wende Museum, Gift of Abby J. and Alan D. Levy Family
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